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Best SOP Software for teams

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A single source of truth for all your business processes. Train and onboard faster, delegate with confidence and reduce errors.

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Best SOP management software for teams
SOP Software for Business
Train employees with Beezop Process Management Software

Train your team faster

Time is money. With Beezop, new employees will start adding value in a matter of hours.

Delegate with Beezop Process Management Software

Delegate without fear

Beezop presents your SOPs to your team in a way they can follow without making mistakes.

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Stop repeating yourself

Your team will have direct access to SOPs at any time. Now, you can focus on the work that matters. 

Here’s how Beezop helps you to systemize and scale your business

Process Documentation

Transform your SOPs into a format that is easy to follow.

Ditch SOP documents that nobody ever reads. With Beezop SOP software, your processes are easy to follow step-by-step.

SOP Software for Documentation
SOP Software for Training

SOP Training

Show your team how to get work done – without saying a word.

You no longer need to keep repeating yourself every time you hire someone. Simply invite them to your Beezop account.

Progress Tracking

Know the current status of processes without asking.

Who’s handling what process? What stage are they at? When did they start? What’s next?… Get all the answers you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.

SOP Software with Tracking
SOP Software with notifications

Process Notifications

Keep your team updated. Get notified of important actions.

Want to know whenever a process starts? When it’s completed? Want to be notified every step of the way? Beezop will send you the right updates at the right time.

Analytics & Reports

Get insights to improve your processes.

How many processes were started or completed last week? How long does it take to complete a process? Beezop’s automated reports get you all the answers you need. 

“I used to do everything in my business myself. Having Beezop has made it easy for me to delegate. Before, there were things I had to repeat over and over again. I haven’t had to do that in recent times because everything is documented in Beezop. I’m better organized as a business leader. My employees now have clarity on how work is to be done. They even call me 'Madam Beezop'. Lol.”
Linda Adeyemi – Beezop Testimonial
Linda Adeyemi
Kay Elan Design

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