About Us

Where the idea for Beezop came from, and the people behind the company.

Hey there,

I’m Charles, one of the co-founders here at Beezop.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering our product.

We built Beezop to solve the problems we faced in our businesses. The same problems that we realized lots of businesses face.

For me, it all began when I started a website design company as a solo founder.

I worked hard to deliver high-quality work to my clients. And as a result, I kept getting more clients.

At one point, I couldn’t handle the demand all by myself and started hiring people to join the company.

It felt good to finally have a team. The company felt “solid”.

But not for long.

I realized that even as I hired people, my workload didn’t seem to reduce.

Because I cared about the quality of the work our clients were getting, I micromanaged a lot.

And I found myself explaining the same things over and over again.

It took too long for people to fully understand how things should be done.

And when they finally did, I relied on them so much that when resigned, work would scatter.

Things got frustrating as I kept asking myself these questions:

  • How can I get my team to do things the right way every time?
  • How do I avoid repeating myself over and over again?
  • How can I grow the business such that the workload wouldn’t drive me crazy?
  • How can I delegate without fear?
  • How can I get new employees to understand how we work quickly?
  • How do I build a business that doesn’t scatter when a key employee leaves?

While I pondered on these things, my friend Marieanne, a business consultant, reached out to me.

She said she had noticed some problems that a lot of her consulting clients faced. She wanted to work on a software tool to solve the problem.

When she explained the problems, they were the same ones I had been experiencing!

We decided to work together to solve this problem. And along the way, we reached out to Hope to join us as our CTO.

That’s the story of how Beezop was born.

And the result has been life-changing.

Remember that website design company? Well, all those problems have been solved!

We’ve documented all our processes on Beezop. Everybody in the company knows how things should be done.

With Beezop’s step-by-step format, new employees understand our processes quickly and easily.

I no longer repeat myself unnecessarily, and it’s now easy to delegate work.

And I can track progress and receive automated updates without micromanaging.

Now, Marieanne, Hope, and I (and the entire Beezop team) are committed to making Beezop the best solution for our customers.

If you’re experiencing the problems we’re solving, Get Started today.

Got questions, please get in touch.

You can contact me directly at charles@beezop.com.


Charles Dairo

Leadership Team

Charles Dairo

CEO & Co-Founder

12+ years experience in business, product management, and design

Marieanne Atim – Beezop COO & Co-Founder

Marieanne Atim

COO & Co-Founder

Business improvement consultant with 11+ years of experience

Hope Uwa – Beezop CTO & Co-Founder

Hope Uwa

CTO & Co-Founder

Software engineer with 10+ years of experience

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