Why we are building Beezop

Charles Dairo and Marieanne Atim

The story begins with Marieanne.

Marieanne is passionate about helping businesses succeed. And I don’t mean “passionate” as a cliche; you can see literally see her eyes light up whenever she’s talking about improving business operations.

As a certified business improvement consultant, she has helped a lot of entrepreneurs build better businesses.

Marieanne and I met 6 years ago when she referred one of her clients to my website development company.

Over the years, we have worked together on many projects and have become friends, often discussing the challenges involved in running a business.

One day, Marieanne spoke to me about a problem she had noticed over time:

“Businesses find it hard to keep track of their processes.”

This problem, in turn, causes a lot of other issues:

  1. The quality of work is inconsistent: When business processes aren’t documented clearly, people do things anyhow.
  2. People make mistakes: Again, because nobody has documented how things should be done, it’s understandable that people will make mistakes.
  3. Work gets scattered if an employee becomes unavailable: Because processes are in people’s heads rather than in a place where others can access them, work often grinds to a halt if the person handling a key responsibility suddenly leaves the company or even goes on vacation.
  4. Employee onboarding is slow and hectic: It takes weeks and sometimes even months for new employees to start adding value.

As a business owner, I could completely relate to these challenges as Marieanne shared them with me. For years, I had been struggling with many of them myself.

Since I had experience bringing product ideas to life, I teamed up with Marieanne to solve this problem.

And the result?


Beezop is a tool that helps people document all their business processes. Beezop then transforms these processes into simple checklists that team members can easily digest and follow step-by-step.

Process Management Software – Beezop

It took a lot of work to bring Beezop to life but we’re glad that we’ve started this journey.

This story is the first of many to come, as we share our journey in building Beezop — the company and the product.

In the next story, we’ll share all the steps we took in taking Beezop from the idea stage to launch.

Thank you for reading!

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