What is a Business Procedure?

Business Procedure

This article explains what a Business Procedure is and why it’s important.

Your employees have different values, experiences, aspirations, and unique personalities.

These differences impact their work and sometimes leads to inconsistency in results.

Inconsistency isn’t good for business. Your customers want a consistently high-quality experience every time.

Now, how do you avoid inconsistency in your business operations?

This is where business procedures come in.


What is a Business Procedure?

A business procedure (simply called a Procedure), is a document that explains how to execute one or more process activities.

According to Wikipedia:

“A procedure is a document that instructs workers on executing one or more activities of a business process.”

A business procedure describes the sequence of steps and what needs to be done in each step.

Procedures also often include when the process should be executed and by whom.

Business Procedures show the “how to” in completing a task or process.


Why are Business Procedures Important?

Creating business procedures impacts your business positively in many ways:

  1. They remove the confusion involved in reaching the desired result.
  2. Business procedures allow your business to produce consistent products or services.
  3. They make it easier for new employees to understand your processes
  4. Documented business procedures make it easier to analyze your processes easily
  5. When employees follow procedures, businesses run effectively and successfully.


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