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(Discounted for Nigerian small businesses)

Play Video about Beezop – Process Management & SOP Software
Play Video about Beezop – Process Management Software

Loved by over 250+ businesses

Dear Business Builder,


I’m Charles, one of the co-founders here at Beezop.


See… I get it.


Building a business is hard. Really hard.


In fact, we built Beezop to solve the problems we faced in our own businesses.


For me, it all began when I started a website design company as a solo founder.


I worked hard to deliver high-quality work to my clients. And as a result, I kept getting more clients.


At one point, I couldn’t handle the demand all by myself and started hiring people to join the company.


It felt good to finally have a team. The company felt “solid”.


But not for long.


I realized that even as I hired people, my workload didn’t seem to reduce.


You see, because I cared about the quality of our work, I micromanaged a lot.


And I found myself explaining the same things over and over again.


It took too long for people to understand how things should be done.


And when they finally got it, I relied on them so much that if they took a vacation or resigned, work would scatter.


Things got frustrating as I kept asking myself:


  • How can I get my team to do things the right way every time?
  • How do I avoid repeating myself over and over again?
  • How can I grow the business such that the workload wouldn’t drive me crazy?
  • How can I delegate without fear?
  • Is there a way to ensure that the quality of work is consistent irrespective of the person doing it?
  • How can I get new employees to understand how we work quickly?
  • How do I build a business that doesn’t scatter when a key employee leaves?

While I pondered on these things, my friend Marieanne, a business consultant, reached out to me.


She said she had noticed a problem that a lot of her consulting clients faced.


She wanted to work on a software tool to solve the problem.


When she explained the problem, it was the same one I had been experiencing!


So, we decided to work together to solve this problem.


And along the way, we reached out to Hope to join us as our CTO.


That’s the story of how Beezop was born.


And the result has been life-changing.


Remember that website design company? Well, all those problems have been solved!


We’ve put all our processes on Beezop.


Everybody in the company knows how things should be done.


Customers get consistent results every time.


And with Beezop’s step-by-step format, new employees understand our processes quickly and easily.


I no longer repeat myself unnecessarily, and it’s a lot easier to delegate work.


It’s been surprising to see how such a simple tool could solve so many problems.


Now, Marieanne, Hope, and I (and the entire Beezop team) are committed to making Beezop the best tool for our customers.


If you can relate to the challenges I mentioned, we’d love to help you solve them with Beezop.


You’ll see for yourself why over 250 businesses love Beezop.

The easiest way to delegate, track, and automate your routine work

Process Documentation

Transform procedures into a format that is easy to follow.

With Beezop, your company processes are easy to follow step-by-step so you spend less time explaining how things work.

Process documentation software
SOP Software for Training

Training Automation

Show your team how to get work done – without saying a word.

You no longer need to keep repeating yourself every time you hire someone. Simply invite them to your Beezop account.

Workflow Automation

Automatically assign tasks to team members based on their roles.

Beezop makes your work flow in a consistent way every time. Tasks are automatically assigned and passed between your team members — from start to finish.

Workflow Automation Software
SOP Software with Tracking

Progress Tracking

Know the current status of processes without asking.

Who’s handling what process? What stage are they at? When did they start? What’s next?… Get all the answers you need in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Process Notifications

Keep your team updated. Get notified of important actions.

Want to know whenever a process starts? When it’s completed? Want to be notified every step of the way? Beezop will send you the right updates at the right time.

SOP Software with notifications

Everything you need to run a scalable business

Interactive Process Builder

Create easy-to-follow processes in seconds, not days.

Pre-built Process Templates

Over 40 process templates

Use them right away or customize to fit your business.

Access Control & Permissions

Access Control & Permissions

Configure what team members can do or see in the account.



Set up roles as they exist in your business today.

Process Notifications

Process Notifications

Automatically inform your team of new or updated processes.



Automatically assign tasks to your team based on their roles in a process.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

See the progress of all ongoing processes in one simple dashboard.

Daily Digest

Daily Digest

Automated emails to your team to remind them of their ongoing tasks.

Generate PDF SOPs

Generate PDF SOPs

In one click, generate a branded Standard Operating Procedures document for your business.

Pricing Plans

80% discount. Offer expires in


Small Team

1-5 people

₦49,000  ₦300,000


Medium Team Most Popular

6-10 people

₦99,000  ₦600,000


Large Team

11-20 people

₦199,000  ₦1,200,000


Common questions

No. You will remain at the discounted price even after the 1-year period.

We originally built Beezop for small businesses in Nigeria.


But for some time now, we’ve been focusing on bigger businesses and international customers who can afford to pay a lot to use our software.


It’s a tough time to run a small business in Nigeria.


So, for a limited time, we’re giving a huge discount to businesses that want to use Beezop but cannot pay like the bigger businesses.

You will be automatically directed to the signup page to create your account. We will also get in touch within 24 hours to schedule your onboarding session.

We use Paystack, so you can pay via card or bank transfer.

Yes. You can add more people to your account at any time. And you will only need to pay for each additional person.

Yes, you can. After making payment, simply send us a message through this form.

We offer fast and friendly support via email, phone, and live chat.

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